Bill Kochman
on September 10, 2021
The current URL is:
Please note that YouTube has a policy of archiving live streams every 12 hours. This means that the URL for the live video feed will change about every 12 hours, so you will want to look for the updated URL on my Facebook timeline.
Come into my home and relax for a while by watching Obsidian, Mischief and Charcoal lovingly care for their adorable kittens!
For those of you who are first-time watchers, and who don’t know the history, there are currently four litters included in this live video stream consisting of sixteen kittens, although you obviously won't see all of them at the same time.
The four largest kittens -- that is, the tabbies who I call the "Gang of Four" -- were born to Obsidian on April 13, 2021.
The next five largest -- who I call the "Five Alive" -- were born to Mischief on July 27, 2021. They consist of one black kitten, three black and white kittens, and one light tan kitten with dark ears, paws and tail.
The next four smaller ones -- three gray kittens and one black kitten — were born to Obsidian on August 15, 2021.
And finally, the three smallest kittens-- two black and white kittens and one black kitty --were born to Charcoal late night on September 5, 2021. There was a fourth one, but it was apparently stillborn, or else died very shortly after birth.
The queens -- Obsidian, Mischief and Charcoal -- share in nursing responsibilities, and will nurse and groom each other's kittens without a problem.
Cell phone users, for best viewing, please turn your phone sideways to landscape mode, and then click on the "Enlarge" icon.
You will find more of my recorded cat videos on my Facebook photos page. Just click on the "Videos" option that is found under the "More" menu on that page.
You will find many more of my cat videos in my "Bill's Cats" playlist on my YouTube channel. Eventually, I hope to upload all 200+ of my current cat videos to the playlist. Please be very careful that you don't overdose on feline cuteness! :) The direct URL for the playlist is the following:
As of this post, there are 75 of my previous cat videos. Please note that unlike my live video feed, these are videos of my cats which I actually recorded:
My main Bill's Bible Basics channel can be found at the following URL:
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