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Lori Jones

Female. 50 years old. Is in a relationship.

Status Update

Lori Jones
I'm not 1 to encourage, let alone part take in pagan holidays, however, when it comes to stocking stuffers, 2 days ago was the 1st and only time that I had a customer who had bought over 40 small KJV ... View More
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Bill Kochman
Well, that's interesting, . But I wonder how all of her friends and relatives will react to that gesture on her part, assuming that these are the people for whom she bought them. Imagine if she did that at a school for her class. They would probably fire her on the spot, unless it was a Ch... View More
Like December 20, 2020
Lori Jones
I dont know who all they were, however, she didnt buy anything else, but a few little things for herself. Perhaps, she may have gone out and bought other things for other ppl a different day or at a different place, I just know what she had bought while being at my lane and they were all for stockin... View More
Like December 21, 2020